Power Outfits

They say you have to fake it to make it and I think  that in some cases that’s completely true. Sometimes we don’t feel confident naturally or we need some support to feel good and comfortable in our own skin. If you can’t be confident automatically you have to make yourself feel good and then before you know it you’re killing it. Clothes are a very common way of doing this. If we look good we feel good and we feel more confident and comfortable. Slowly that anxiety or nervousness goes away.

I definitely use clothes in this way. Whenever I don’t really want to face the day or I’m dreading something, be it an exam or even just dealing with certain people, I put on something that I feel good in. It’s like a protective armour of fabulousness, because when I feel good in what I’m wearing I feel good about myself and suddenly I don’t feel awkward or shy or unable to cope with the certain social situation.

I’ve suffered with social anxiety for most of my young adult life. I’ve also felt awkward about my figure and would wear big vintage shirts to cover up my stomach. I liked my look and it made me feel sassy, but my predominantly tomboy wardrobe didn’t make me feel particularly attractive and tuned me into a wallflower.

Then I had a breakthrough. At Christmas I did a vintage photo shoot and I’ve never felt so gorgeous. I realised that I could feel feminine and beautiful. I didn’t have to restrict myself to clothes that didn’t make me feel that. So I set about trying to alter my wardrobe and experimented with different combinations to create an edgy feminine look that had a vintage vibe. It would still be sassy, but would also make me feel stunning. I challenged myself to wear a skirt everyday instead of just jeans and found different ways of showing off my figure. Soon it didn’t feel like a mask, but my second skin. And funnily enough the self esteem and confidence flooded in. Now I really love how I look. I look in the mirror and I think “damn gurl, you’re killing it!” and all it took was a few skirts from charity shops, some bandannas and a few different shades of lipstick.

Here are some of my power outfits:


I like mixing feminine pieces and classic fabrics like tartan with edgier pieces like a leather jacket or a band top. I’m all about colour coordinating too to give a polished look.



Tips for creating your own power outfit:

  1. Find a certain piece of clothing that makes you feel great. It may be a pretty blouse or a certain skit or even a sweatshirt of your favourite band. Just find a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that makes you feel great and create an outfit around that piece.
  2. Think about what you like. Is there a certain style or decade of clothing that you particularly like? Maybe you like a certain celebrity’s or TV show character’s style. Tying creating a similar look of theirs that you love. I personally love Blair Waldorf’s style from Gossip Girl and sometimes use he for inspo. He classically feminine style is perfect when I need a confidence boost.
  3. Think about colour. What’s your favourite colour? Maybe you love bright red because it makes you feel sexy or olive green because it goes well with your hair colour. Choose an outfit made up of pieces in your favourite colours, whether you want a bold look or something more neutral.
  4. Accessorize.  Some people feel their best when they’re heavily made up, others don’t. It’s the same with hair and jewellery. Think about how you like wearing your hair, certain shades of make up you like and earrings or necklaces that you want to add into your look. I for example feel best when my hair is partly clipped  back and I’m wearing a head scarf, my eyebrows are drawn and I have hoop earrings on. Make this your little power pack. That way when you have to dress a certain way or don’t have time to come out with a power outfit you still have part of your look that feels 100% you and makes you feel good.

I hope you find this post helpful. What do you wear to feel good? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,








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